PSITTACUS WET & DRY MICROSPHERES 20/10 is a complete food for birds of the Psittacidae family.

Composition Cereal grains, products and by-products of oil seeds and oil fruits, vegetable oils, legume seeds, products and by-products of cereal grains, dried brewer’s yeast, minerals, dried whole egg, inulin (0,05%)

Additives Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effects: E672 Vitamin A: 5.000UI/kg; E-671 Vitamin D3: 1.100UI/kg; 3a700 Vitamin E (all-racα-tocopheryl acetate): 250mg/kg; Vitamin C (ascorbic acid monophosphate): 200mg/kg; Vitamin K3: 5,0mg/kg; Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride): 25mg/kg; Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 20mg/kg; 3a831 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride): 25mg/kg; Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin): 100μg/kg; 3a841 Dcalcium pantothenate: 20mg/kg; 3a314 Niacin: 125mg/kg; 3a316 Folic acid: 5,0mg/kg; Biotin: 800μg/kg; 3a890 Choline chloride: 1.800mg/kg; B-carotene: 15mg/kg; Betaine anhydrous: 250mg/kg Compounds of trace elements: E-1 Iron (ferrous chelate of amino acids hydrate): 125mg/kg; E4 Copper (cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate): 8mg/kg; E-5 Manganese (manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate): 86mg/kg; E-6 Zinc (zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate): 59mg/kg; E-2 Iodine (anhydrous calcium iodate): 1mg/kg; 3b814 Hydroxy-analogue of selenomethionine: 0,300mg/kg Antioxidants: E306 Tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin: 45mg/kg; E304 Palmitoyl-6ascorbic acid: 15mg/kg Anti-caking agents: E-562 Sepiolite: 6,5g/kg Flavouring: Flavouring mixes (contains Yucca schidigera extract 0,015%); Rosmarinus officinalis extract Analytical constituents Moisture 8,0%, Crude protein 20,0%, Crude oils and fats 10,0%, Crude fibre 3,0%, Crude ash 3,8%