White Breeding Formula


This product is intended for canaries breeds that should not manifest red, orange nor yellow colors in their plumage (including recessive white). It not contains carotenes nor xanthophylls. Breeding formulas are proposed as a base diet for the breeding season, starting one month before its onset and ending only when moult is complete. Its purpose is to encourage moulting and induce breeding behaviour in singing males.
Directions for use
It is a complete food. Birds get all the nutrients they need to enjoy great health, excellent vigour and optimal plumage. It is designed as an exclusive diet, but may also be combined with seeds in a mixed diet. In addition, leafy greens could be supplied regularly in order to vary the diet. Females temporarily increases their calcium requirements for the eggshell formation which must be readdressed with our Calcium Grit product. This should be placed in a separate feeder so that consumption is only voluntary. To stimulate chicks growth, parent birds should have access to our Serinus Eggfood Dry for Canaries. It is intended as a dry feed to be supplied in mesh feeders or external feeders. Store in a cool dry place after opening (while refrigeration is not advised, freezing is possible if it is hermetically sealed).
Daily intake
Birds consume about 3-4 g per day. Intake varies according to the ambient temperature (the lower temperature is, the more food they need). Intake will also vary according to the number of chicks reared by the parent birds and their stage of development. This product should be provided ad libitum.
Products and by-products of cereal grains, vegetable oils, products and by-products of oil seeds and fruits, sugars, dried brewer’s yeast, dried egg white, products and byproducts of tubers and roots, minerals (contains silicon dioxide sand 2%), other plants and their products and by-products, inulin (0.05%)

Mixture of flavouring compounds / Preservatives / Sepiolite / Tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin, palmitoyl-6-ascorbic acid / Compounds of trace elements (ferrous chelate, cupric chelate, manganese chelate, zinc chelate; calcium iodate anhydrous and hydroxy-analogue of selenomethionine) / Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effects (A, D3, E, C, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, Pantothenic acid, Niacin, Folic acid, Biotin, Choline chloride, Betaine anhydrous)

Analytical constituents
Moisture 7.0 %, Crude protein 25.0 %, Crude oils and fats 20.0 %, Crude fibres 2.5 %, Crude ash 4.9 %
Package sizes
1 kg / 5 kg bags