Our Company Akuaneta Trade , located in İzmir,Turkey , is a developing company by aiming permanet growing structure with its quality service perceptive.
Akuaneta Trade is doing its business facilities by advertising and marketing wholesale of the quality good products with their accredited certificates in the domestic market which are imported from international partners. Also Akuaneta Trade is increasing the value of country economy by exporting quality good products to international markets.
Regarding to our customer focused, we concentrated on having always high performance with innovative point of views by cooperating with our partners both in domestic market and international markets.


Satifying our customers’ requirements in a high quality level with an urgent response and servicing the highest performance to our partners.


Acting in the market by having ethics value of trading and aiming the customer satisfaction and creating the respectful and celebrated internationally our own brand name in its all working sectors with the best servicing quality.